A Good Manifesto

Look around. We are all now makers, creators, and the people who will decide the future of the world. Remaking, renewing, and reinventing are propelling us forward. Looking to the future and the past, we ask ourselves what really matters. And we’re each building our own answers from the ground up.

Russell C. Smith and Michael Foster

Check out Russell C. Smith and Michael Foster’s Manifesto about the Concept of Reinvention. This is a running theme that they have ben exploring for quite some time and I can’t think of anything more relevant to the subject of Kindness.

In the Age of Reinvention whole societies and individual lives are being re-envisioned, reworked, restructured, rebooted, and rebuilt. 

So what ever your role in the reinvention of our society right now, be it the economy, the environment, privacy laws, a million other things that need reinventing, or just trying to get yourself and your family to the next paycheck, please consider how altruism can play a role in your plans. It really is a magic bullet that can make the best ideas even better!

Photo By Wally Gobetz, Street Art By Shepard Fairey