A Good Virus epidemic in Amesbury, Massachusetts

Amesbury, Massachusetts has an AMAZING Pay It Forward chain of 55 people consecutively paying for each others coffee! WOW! If you would like to find out how the Pay It Forward phenomena began, click here to hear it directly form Catherine Ryan Hyde, the woman who started it all (and who narrated our film).

Another interesting thing about this chain is that it also is very strong evidence of the Good Virus. James Fowler, author of the book Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives has proven scientifically that if you do something nice for someone, that they will, on average, do something nice for 4 other people. Here we see an immediate response to this! So lets test this out! Forward this post to 3 other people and see if inspires them to spread the Good Virus!

Photo by KINO