August Kindness Links!


I have a huge backlog of stories that I want to share, and so little time to post them, so I will be doing a link of the month section now! We hear so many awful things in the media these days and there is so much of it (media) that it’s easy to forget that the world is actually a very nice place and that people are fundamentally kind, generous, nice and compassionate. So whenever you are feeling a little down, come here and lift yourself up! Also, please remember to share the links that you find inspiring. Good Virus only works if it spreads.

The 3:1 ratio that will change your life!

Why kindness is the best PR strategy for companies

A cat named bob

A random act of kindness

The camera bag that came back

Honor among theves

Signs of the times – before you judge, read the interviews

Winning by loosing

The best graduation speech ever!

Well there you go! And remember Kindness Is Contagious, so pass them on!!!!

Photo by Stephen Ritchie