Competitive Kindness

I like the idea of Competitive Kindness. By giving openly, it inspires others to do so too. Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement  made headlines on Tuesday, on the occasion of the birth of a daughter, that he would give away 99 percent of his Facebook stock, worth $45 billion. Plus, there are now about 138 billionaires listed on at the Gates/Buffett

“Many years ago,” Ellison wrote in his pledge letter, I put virtually all of my assets into a trust with the intent of giving away at least 95% of my wealth to charitable causes …. Until now I have done this giving quietly — because I have long believed that charitable giving is a personal and private matter. So why am I going public now? Warren Buffet personally asked me to write this letter because he said I would be ‘setting an example’ and ‘influencing others’ to give. I hope he’s right.”

This is why we shouldn’t be shy about out kindness. The more we exhibit kind behavior, the more others will too.

Via The Washington Post