Dacher Keltner Interview


We flew to the Bay Area to interview one of the genius’ of kindness. Dacher Keltner is the author of the amazing book “Born To Be Kind“. The reason we wanted to talk to him is that he has scientifically proven that NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST.

Survival of the fittest is so two centuries ago. These days it’s all about survival of the kindest. So all of you cut-throat, road-raging, self-absorbed, Wall Street, pirating, war-mongering, greedy jerks out there, take note: Your “every man for himself” philosophy will have you finishing last.

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have compiled a ton of evidence to suggest that survival of the kindest is responsible for the continuity of our species.

When you think about it, this makes sense. If you own a company, who do you hire? A backstabber? A sleazebag? Or.. someone who has your back. Who do you promote? Someone who has your back!!! I’ve always believed that it is important to be kind, but after working on “Good Virus” I am now seeing that it is a very effective strategy for success too.

Via Scientific American.