Embrace The Grey

Polarization. It seems to me that this is the number one reason that people are not nice and not kind to each other.

The answer is in the grey. That place between black and white, right and left, rich and poor. The more we become divisive the more adamant we are in our beliefs and the less likely we are to work with others.

When we polarize our ideologies we throw out the good with the bad and adopt flawed systems. If we dive into the grey, throw out not the whole system, but just the things that don’t work or don’t make sense we will be far better off. And once we get smart people cooperating with other smart people regardless of party affiliation, religion or race the whole world will be much better off.

So embrace the grey and listen to the beautiful tidbits of knowledge that the rest of the world has to offer. People are very generous if we just stop talking to ourselves, cock an ear and listen.

Photo by Beni Ishaque Luthor