Good and good for you.

Screenings of Kindness Is Contagious are an effective fundraiser.  You get $2 per ticket sold through your outreach. Based on Gathr averages, each name on your list can raise $1 for your organization. We have all the tools you need to make it easy.

We are in the midst of a revolution. We’ve had 20 years of massive self interest that’s gotten us into a lot of deep trouble. The revolution is about reorienting toward kindness as a way to make a difference. Will you join us?


We’re working with organizations to run fund-raising screenings of Kindness Is Contagious. Our uplifting, upbeat film is compatible with nearly every possible cause – and who doesn’t like a night out at the movies?

Here’s how it works:

  • You reach out to your community – via email and social networking – to recruit “captains” to organize local screenings. We can give you sample emails, tweets Facebook posts and graphics you can adapt, or use as-is.
  • Once each captain has attracted enough people to attend a screening (to “tip” it in Gathr-speak), the local theatre will run the film.
  • We’ll give you a distinct promo code, so we can accurately credit every ticket sold by your captains.
  • We will give you $2 for every ticket sold.
  • Based on similar campaigns Gathr has run, we estimate that you’ll raise about $1 for every person on your list.

And here’s how the math works:

  •  Our friends at Gathr tell us that about 1% of people who receive pitches to become captains actually sign up. Every one of these sign-ups turns into a potential screening.
  • Gathr also says that about half of posted screenings “tip.” That means that roughly 0.5% of the outreach will convert to actual showings.
  • The average tipped screening attracts about 100 people.
  • So let’s say you have a 10,000-person list. If Gathr averages hold, 0.5% of your appeals will result in tipped screenings, so your outreach would lead to 50 screenings of 100 people each, or 5,000 sales. At $2 each, you’d raise $10,000 for your outreach – or, wait for it, $1 per name. The bigger your outreach, the more money we can raise for you.
  • To make this worth everyone’s effort, we prefer to work with organizations with mailing lists of at least 5,000 names.
Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll meet the average. Then again, you might totally exceed it. In any case, this is a low-risk, low-effort way to generate money for your organization, while simultaneously making the world a little kinder.
What’s not to like?

Raise money AND grow your list!

Since Kindness IS contagious, screening our film will bring new supporters to your cause, as well as raising new funds. By recruiting captains within your network, you’ll also be recruiting within your captain’s network. Because this is a highly targeted audience, chances are really good the people attending these screenings will also be sympathetic to your cause. Pass around a clipboard at each screening, or run a trailer before the film, and you can collect new names and email addresses. Remember this isn’t just a MOVIE it’s a MOVEMENT. Be part of it!