We, I believe, are in the midst of a revolution. We’ve had 20 years of massive self interest that’s gotten us into a lot of deep trouble. We have financial collapses and we have global warming, and the revolution is reorienting toward kindness as a way to solve some of these problems.

Dacher Keltner,
Director of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

A genuine act of kindness makes me feel like I really am where you cut underneath anything external, and you become what a human being can really be. It’s like coming home when you give kindness. Kindness changes us, as human beings.

Catherine Ryan Hyde,
Best-selling author of Pay It Forward

Nice and generous people are more successful than mean and selfish people because of the principal of reciprocity, basically what you put out in the world comes back to you.

David Rand,
Research Scientist, Yale University

Karma actually may exist. If kindness can spread from person to person to person, then those kind acts can circle back around again. So the more generous I am, then the more generous people will be to me.

James Fowler
Co-auther of Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives

Kindness Is Contagious is an essential teaching and research tool for:

  • Studies in Altruism, Psychology and Behavioral Science
  • Social Work and Counseling
  • Licensing and Continuing Education Programs

This inspirational documentary is also an indispensable addition to all public library collections.

It all began with an article about James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis and their research concerning the viral nature of kindness. Fowler and Christakis demonstrated that if you are kind to one person, they will be kind to four other people, and that each of those four people will be kind to four more people, and so on and so on… eventually circling back around to you again. Showing in fact that Karma may actually exist in the scientific sense.