How To Get A Better Job Offer

By being nice of course!

If any of you have watched the Dacher Keltner Video on our site, then you know this already, but for the rest if you, this is so obvious and yet It’s probably where I get the most skepticism:

If employers like you, they will pay you more money. Read this fascinating article “Negotiation Process: The #1 thing Harvard tells MBA’s about getting a big salary
by Eric Barker to find out why. On a side note, quite a bit of kindness research comes from Harvard. James Fowler’s co-author, Nicholas A. Christakis, hails from Harvard, David Rand was at Harvard when we interviewed him and Umair Haque wrote a terrific article on Leadership in the Harvard Business Review.

But the real question is: How do you get people to like you?

Step 1. Be nice

“It is hard to dislike someone who is saying nice things about you.”

Photo by Jon Tucker