Nice Is Sexy!


David Buss did a study like this a few years back, but I love it when the data stacks up to support how kindness leads to success and happiness!

Dr. Freya Harrison, a Research Fellow at The University of Nottingham has also found that altruistic or selfless behavior is an attractive trait in a potential sexual partner:

Both sexes rated potential partners for a long-term relationship as more attractive when they were told that the person had invested in altruistic acts, such as caring for a sick relative or doing voluntary work in their community.

There are a lot of reasons why this might be, but I suspect that it is closely linked to Dacher Keltner’s theory that because human children are born helpless and stay that way for many years we must work together in communities, necessitating kindness and cooperation, to raise them to adulthood. What is your experience? I’d love to get some comments going on this blog!!!

Photo by Fouquier