• This documentary is a gem! We recommend that everyone go see this feel-good film!

    Cinema Obsessed
  • Simply gorgeous. Every frame of the movie looks pretty, well-designed, and well-composed.

    Man I Love Films
  • ...Kindness Is Contagious is an engaging, feel-good documentary that compiles research, statistics, anecdotes, and theories about the effect of good deeds.

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Articles and What People Are Saying About The Film

“Kindness Is Contagious is a documentary about being nice. It seems like a strange idea, but there’s so much more to it than simply being nice. There are possible health benefits, and the film shows that kindness is contagious. It was the inspiration from this film that led me to one of the happier moments of 2012. During the holiday season, I was shopping for books. I decided to buy The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but not for myself. When I reached the counter, I told the cashier to take the book and give it to the next person with a child who was shopping. Tears began to fill her eyes, and she declared that this was the nicest thing she had ever seen someone do. It made her holiday that much better, and mine as well.

Had it not been for that documentary, the thought wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. We frequently take film for granted, especially documentaries. They can inspire great change in people, and may even affect your life without you realizing it. So, the next time someone tells you to stop wasting time sitting there watching movies, tell them that you’re trying to better yourself.”
-William Brownridge, The Toronto Film Scene

“Kindness Is Contagious speaks to our capacity to fully understand quality of life situations and scenarios.”
-Russell C. Smith and Michael Foster, The Huffington Post

“Bringing in the perspective of a community conscious roller derby team to present the differences between acting aggressively in a sport as opposed to being an aggressive human being is a stroke of genius.”
-Russell C. Smith and Michael Foster, The Huffington Post

“A stroke of genius.”
-Russell C. Smith and Michael Foster, The Huffington Post

“A great subject for a documentary film.”
–Fast Company

“If you do something nice — or even see someone do something nice — you’re more likely to spread those good vibes to others.”
–The Chicago Tribune

“When was the last time someone did something nice for you? Do you remember it? Intriguing, isn’t it?”
–My Modern Met

“I think the idea of using “nice” to help solve some of the world’s bigger problems is an interesting one, if a little bohemian. Seeing the evidence given to us by scientists and people of practice is that lends credence to the idea that being nice is not only contagious, but also has healing effects on a global scale.”
–Row 3

“The ‘Kindness Is Contagious’ sets out to prove that everyday good and kindness is as powerful as the media-friendly evil.”
–All You Can Love

“Nothing is more effective than the flu in propagating itself. Kindness Is Contagious’s film states that scientists believe kindness spreads like a flu virus, so go spread a virus.”
–Ron Seybold’s Viral Times

“Kindness Is Contagious is all about the small things, tiny acts of kindness that don’t cost a lot of money or oblige praise.”
–We’re So Inspired

“This documentary is a gem! We recommend everyone to see this feel-good film!”
–Cinema Obsessed

“What David Gaz does, is provide some evidence that being kind, or nice, can actually make you happier and healthier. It will also get you farther in life, make you more respected, and cause others around you to feel better.”
–The Film Reel

“Just watching this film will make you feel nice. If kindness really is contagious, this movie might be The Ring of feelgood films. I want to be even more kind after watching. It’s no secret that being a better person will make you feel better.”
–The Film Reel

“It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day and, perhaps, start something bigger.  Imagine if you were to help or inspire a school teacher our of a morning funk?”
–All You Can Love

“In this self-centered world today, we sometimes need to view our world from different angle and change the way world thinks about us. The movie, titled Kindness Is Contagious: a Documentary All About Being Nice tell us about advantages of being nice and what we can do to concrete relationships with your friends and family.”
–The Tokyo Eye

“I recently had the great pleasure of kicking back and watching David Gaz’s film Kindness Is Contagious, Kindness is Contagious. For the first time in a while I found myself smiling throughout an entire movie! This documentary is the definition of ‘feel-good-flick’.”
 –Cinema Obsessed

“Straight-forward and mature, but also (intentionally) silly and light-hearted in a way that matches its subject.”
–Man I Love Films

“Simply gorgeous. Every frame of the movie looks pretty, well-designed, and well-composed.”
–Man I Love Films

“You might consider the subject of the film as hippie crap (you’re wrong of course, but that’s besides the point), and the people who talk about their acts of kindness as freaks – but hey, all of these guys seem happy just being kind, and if that doesn’t at least get you thinking, there might be something wrong with you …”