The Peace Drone

Okay, I’m totally conflicted on this one, and think it’s an awesome idea, but I think that delivering oxycontin, one of the most abused prescription drugs by high school kids, is not such a good idea.

“Killing foreign people with predator drones is history. Let me introduce the peace drone. Hovering over hostile settlements or cities playing loud clown music, smiling around and delivering clouds of oxycontin. A beautiful American drug described as a pharmaceutical grade heroin.

Happy people are better than dead people and best of all, they will be addicted to you!”

Not to mention that high on oxy, that clown face will really freak people out.  If you are reading this Axel (my new favorite artist), may I suggest, using oxytocin, the love hormone instead. Although not without it’s side effects, I think that oxytocin would get the job done. It would be military grade Pay It Forward (and if we are lucky, the wind would blow some of it on our guys too).

Axel, we are waiting for your kickstarter for this one! CLICK HERE  for more information about the peace drone.