The Wild Man Of Kindness


We interviewed J.R. Mahon, aka the Hollywood Pastor about his take on kindness. He gained a lot of notoriety due to his involvement with the xxxchurch and the controversial “Jesus Loves Pornstars” bibles.

“Your small relationships define who you are. And those small relationships are the chick that you pay your money to the gas station, the guy that you buy your Starbucks from, that’s where, that’s where you’ll find kindness. And that’s where it lives and breathes. In your big relationships pretty easy, man, day in and day out, you carry a selfless thing, a selfless love from yourself into the world you’ll hit kindness.”

What I loved about him is that he has chosen to help a subset of people who often get overlooked by the church. People are quick to help the homeless, but people in the sex industry are often swept under the rug. Not only is the “Jesus Loves Pornstars” bible brilliant, but it highlights the fact that EVERYBODY DESERVES KINDNESS.

One of my favorite new interview questions is: Do some people deserve more kindness than others? For example, does a child with Down’s Syndrome deserve more kindness than a wall street banker?

What do you think?