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Host a screening of Kindness Is Contagious in your community.

Kindness Is Contagious is a great way to open up a dialogue about the power of Kindness in your neighborhood. Click Here to learn more, or click the button to get started.

  • This documentary is a gem! We recommend that everyone go see this feel-good film!

    Cinema Obsessed
  • Simply gorgeous. Every frame of the movie looks pretty, well-designed, and well-composed.

    Man I Love Films
  • ...Kindness Is Contagious is an engaging, feel-good documentary that compiles research, statistics, anecdotes, and theories about the effect of good deeds.

    Commonsense Media

Become a

Gathr captain

GATHR team captains are very special and important people to us. They’re the folks who bring the film to their local theaters. They’re our “boots on the ground.” The movers and shakers. It’s a big job – but it’s easy. We’ve already got all the tools you need to host a fabulous screening. Interested in being a leader in the movement? Click below.


Make a


Donate to our IndieGoGo campaign and help us print posters, buy ads and promote our theatrical release. To thank you, we have all sorts of cool perks (random acts of kindness, t-shirts, merit badges, DVDs, a personal screening with our director — and more). We can’t make any impact if no one knows about the film, so please lend a hand.


Host a
fundraising event

Use a screening of Kindness Is Contagious as a fundraiser for your favorite organization. You’ll earn $2 per ticket sold through your outreach. Our uplifting film is compatible with nearly every possible cause. Plus, we have all the tools you need to make this really easy. You spread the word to your email list and social networks. We do the rest.