Why We Do Good Virus!


We just got this in our email and I wanted to share. This is exactly why we are doing Good Virus!!!

I randomly found Good Virus on craigslist and it made me smile.

My name is Coralynn Arcand, I was fortunate enough to have an incredibly difficult childhood so that today I can appreciate all the wonderful gifts life has to offer me.

The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me…how do I possibly choose one thing. My Aunt and uncle adopted me when I was 14. I have 5 siblings (we have all been separated for the most part since then), my mother is a catatonic anorexic schizophrenic, my father is autistic, and at that time in my life I was on a path to total self destruction. They gave me everything, most importantly, love. I am a product of all the beautiful, loving, compassionate, selfless, artistic, generous, and amazing people who so richly fill my life. The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is done everyday,…and that is to listen. From a childhood where I went neglected often I live each and everyday now with people in my life who hear me when I talk,laugh,cry, and sing poorly. I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

The nicest thing i’ve ever done for anyone….hmmmmm…..I wish I was in a position to do more, but what I can, have, and will continue to do, is tell and show people I love them in every way possible that I can conjure. Through handmade cards,painting, serenading in voice mails, but mostly through finding a way to make people smile and laugh…that is my favorite thing to do, when I make someone else feel great, I feel at my best!

To the person who posted this:

Thank you! I was in a sour mood and being a crabby bunny, you have made me step back, look at the bigger picture and feel thankful for today and the people I am so blessed to fill it with! I am happy to discard the negative feelings,go for a run in the rain, and enjoy the rest of my day!

I hope you find this helpful and have a lovely day!

Thank you!